Supermodel Emilia Dobreva is turning PRO Entrepreneur with her fashion Brand My_Dear_Emi

Its no mystery that social media has transformed the modelling industry. Thanks to all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Youtube, we no longer have to wait a whole month for the next copy of Vogue and other top brands to see the latest fashion trends and best models around. 

Nowadays, models are more than pleased to give their followers real-time insight into their not-so-private places. And while its correct that some figures are contractually bound to post up a fury, the most maximum does it because its entertaining and its an easy way to build their personal brands too. 

So whether youre looking for motivation for your modelling career or cant get enough of your favourite models, this gorgeous girl Emilia Dobreva top model and Entrepreneur you just need to check out online.

From Kendall Jenner, Tyra Banks, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima to Emilia Dobreva everyone is living a dream life all thanks to their beauty and now their business skills. 

Coming to the best model Emilia Dobreva who has been the top Albanian model, Miss Kosovo and Miss Model of the world 2016 is in the limelight for her new venture called My Dear Emi. Yes, Emilia is all set to enter the world of the Entrepreneur. This gorgeous diva is now providing a classic fashion collection which looks perfect for every occasion with her My_Dear_Emi. 

With her brand My Dear Emi, she is giving the best quality dresses to her fans and people who are looking for something new and classy in Dubai and other places around. Being a top model, she knows what is trending and what will look good on occasion. So she is utilizing her talent in the fashion world by giving some of the best collections with her My Dear Emi. 

So if you are looking for something classy to come out after lockdown must try chic collection of My Dear Emi.

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