Spring Stars: Pueblo’s Cameron Fimbres ready to play college volleyball | High Schools

And while that work has undoubtedly paid off, the coronavirus pandemic means Fimbres missed a few things that meant a lot to him along the way.

Cameron Fimbres

“I think the biggest thing for me being an athlete was Senior Night. I always looked forward to having a big Senior Night since freshman year,” Fimbres said. “I knew I was going to keep grinding and get more passionate about it. I knew this was going to be a big thing for me.”

Despite the unceremonious ending to his time with the Warriors, Fimbres is looking ahead to college.

“I’m super-excited. It’ll be a big change of weather for me, but I like the cold, actually,” Fimbres said. “Still, it’s going to hit me like a train wreck because it’s really cold out there.”

In addition to playing volleyball for the Bogeys, Fimbres will be studying sports medicine.

“That has always been my interest, especially as an athlete,” Fimbres said. “Working out is definitely a big thing for an athlete, but another big part of it is working out correctly.”

And while working out under quarantine wasn’t easy, Fimbres said he made the most of it.

“Me and my dad play a lot of pingpong. We have a table, but don’t have a lot of room, so when we hit fastballs at each other, it’s nothing but reaction,” Fimbres said. “So I’m increasing my reaction time over quarantine.”

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