Santa Barbara City College trustees await state budget formula

Santa Barbara City College trustees…

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – Santa Barbara City College trustees looked towards the future at a special State of the College board meeting,

The award winning campus has some challenges.

The college has seen a recent decline in enrollment.

Student Calm Conner from New Hampshire said, “I was surprised by lower enrollment.  The fact that enrollment was down, I had no idea about that, that sort of was interesting to me, I wouldn’t have guessed that.”

The college has not laid off faculty, but there is a hiring freeze.

Trustees hope to dispel myths that they have a large exchange student population. It is currently below ten percent.

They said Santa Barbara has other language schools that educate foreign students..

Trustees said when the economy is good enrollment dips as people keep working.

Enrollment factors into the state’s budget formula.

Trustee Marsha Croninger said, “They are changing the formulas as we speak and that they are still figuring out how much money we will get, so we will not know until Fe. of 2020.”

They are also still looking to hire a new President to lead the college.

Interim President Dr. Helen Benjamin plans to step down by Jan. 1.

She seemed proud of the State the college is in. 

“I think the state is excellent “

She said colleges always have ups and downs.

“It is as cyclical situation with the budget with issues around things that are happening at the college, and we still have wonderful students, a wonderful faculty and staff and administrators who are all devoted to our mission which is to help students reach their educational goals,”said Benjamin.

To improve the numbers they hope to spread the word about The SBCC Promise that
promises free tuition to local high school graduates and guarantees admission to the University of California if they earn a 3.2 grade point average.,

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