Photography Award – Prix Levallois: 2019 Call for entries

The Prix Levallois team is pleased to announce the opening of submissions for the Prix Levallois 2019, from March 4th to May 2nd, at midnight (French time), online :


Three prizes for under-35 new talents

Created in 2008, the Prix Levallois is a springboard for young international photographic creation. For ten years, it has been rewarding photographers under the age of 35.

A freedom of tone and expression that seduces young photographers whose approaches are free from any artistic division. The Prize doesn’t require a theme nor a format, only the quality of the work counts in the process of selecting artists.

Each year there are fifteen nominees.

Their projects are presented with impartiality and good will in front of a jury in order

to reward a Laureate and a Special Mention. The jury is composed of five members:

four people from the world of photography and a member of the City of Levallois’ town hall. The Audience award is attributed after an online vote that gives voice to all photography lovers.

Photographs of the three winners will be shown at the Galerie L’Escale in Levallois, in October-November.

The Laureate (winner of the first prize) receives a € 10 000 grant, the Special Mention receives a DSLR camera.

In 2018, the Prix Levallois received 700 applications from 71 countries.


The sponsor for the 2019 edition

English photographer born in 1972, Rip Hopkins is the sponsor of the 2019 edition and will be a member of the Jury. His astute analysis of the contemporary world makes him a fine example of a generation that has succeeded in finding new ways of examining the facts.

« Rip Hopkins seems at first “unclassifiable”, he escapes the usual artistic categories, and surprises with the heterogeneity of his experience and his images.

[…] At the border between documentary and fiction, realism and a subjective point of view, Rip Hopkins subtly intermixes testimony with plastic preoccupations (lights, colours, lines, motifs set in resonance), without denying himself a few detours through humour or the incongruous. […]Photography is here, in the artistic and human sense, a meeting. »

Jean-Emmanuel Denave, Identité(s) 08, Lyon Septembre de la photographie, Milan, Silvana Editoriale, 2008.

We met him in 2002 thanks to the Prix HSBC and he was exhibited in 2008 for the Festival Photo Levallois (the year the Prix Levallois was created).

Catherine Dérioz & Jacques Damez.


A few words from the artistic directors

“Today, photography is, without a doubt, the most frequently-used means of capturing the world around us, representing its landscapes, inhabitants, political events, festive gatherings, beliefs and so on.

To seize such topics accessible to all, photographs come in a wide range of styles and techniques: reports, documentaries, autobiographical novels and staged shoots, in black & white or colour, analogue, digital, etc., but they share a common purpose: to develop our understanding and perception of the world.

In the selection of projects nominated for the Prix Levallois, the ongoing objective is to take into consideration the diversity of photographic practices as well as the quality, the originality and the demanding nature of the work.”

Catherine Dérioz et Jacques Damez, Artistic directors, curators for the Prix Levallois


2019 calendar

March 4th to May 2nd: Online submissions open

May 14th: Announcement of the 15 shortlisted projects Public vote open

June 3rd: Jury

June 12th: Final deadline for public votes

July 4th: Announcement of the Levallois Prize, Special Mention, and Audience Award laureates at the Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles

From October 4th to November 23th: Exhibition of the Prix Levallois, Special Mention and Audience Award at the Galerie de L’Escale in Levallois

October 5th: Photo folio review at the Galerie de L’Escale


The 2019 jury

Stéphane Decreps

Rip Hopkins

Marion Hislen

Anne Lacoste

Caroline Stein

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