NYC Street Life During Quarantine

puzzle pass kerri
Photo: Cheryl Dunn

New York City–based photographer and documentary filmmaker Cheryl Dunn has been capturing life in the boroughs for just over 30 years. While she has experience shooting editorial, fashion, and advertising, her passion is for documenting street life. “It’s a window into humanity and humor, our pathos,” she says. “I get a kick out of observing it and I love doing it.”

She describes the practice as something you can’t buy your way into being good at. In a world where so much can be achieved through privilege, street photography is one place where you have to put in the work to see success. “You can’t will your way into doing it well,” she says. “You have to put in the time, put your eyes on the street, you know? And then, still, chance plays a role, but you have to put in the time.”

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