Local lawmakers address questions from Morningside College students

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) – Local college students talked about tariffs, education and the judicial nominating process with local lawmakers, Friday.

Morningside College hosted State Representatives Chris Hall and Jacob Bossman, and State Senator Jim Carlin in a forum on campus. “The biggest issue that we need to understand is for a participatory democracy to work, there has to be two-way communication,” said Rep. Jacob Bossman (R) Sioux City. “You know, we try to do it the best we can. You know, send out newsletters, let people know what we’re doing in Des Moines. but, if we don’t come and meet with people and hear what their concerns are or their takes on issues or answer the questions, that takes away the participatory democracy, it doesn’t work.”

The lawmakers said it’s important to reach out to college students. “I think it’s just a wonderful opportunity for them to hear from legislatures and know that their legislatures are accessible,” said Rep. Chris Hall, (D) Sioux City. “It’s important to hear two sides of an issue and really have also the opportunity to think through it, hopefully be persuaded and know that real debates are taking place in the Legislature.”

Morningside students hosted the event.

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