Little Rock firefighter with background in fashion gives back for prom season

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Giving back and helping others is part of the job for firefighters, but before one Little Rock firefighter started her career, she had a passion with a few less sparks and a lot more sparkle.

It’s not very often you find a firefighter who has a background in fashion design, but now Ashley Coleman’s journey from fashion to fire comes full circle, all with the goal of giving back to a central Arkansas high school senior.

“Now I’m doing a full circle, getting back into what I really love which is fashion design,” Coleman said. 

Coleman studied fashion and interior design at Tennessee State University, later working in interior design, but she eventually felt a calling to serve. She became a firefighter nearly seven years ago.

“Oh it was quite a journey,” Coleman laughed. 

Now leading up to prom season, her passion for fashion and service are coming together. 

“I’m a single parent and I know that throughout the years prom has really gotten extreme as far as costly,” Coleman said. 

That’s why she wants to give one high school senior a complete prom makeover for free. 

“All they have to do is write an essay,” Coleman said. 

She’s auctioning off three dresses she designed to use proceeds to create a custom prom dress.

“Whatever type of style they want, the adornments like feathers, whatever they want, like beading,” Coleman said. 

She’s accepting essays now to choose someone who will also get a makeover, hair, nails, shoes, and a photo shoot.

“Everybody wants to feel beautiful and what other way to do that than during your prom time where you’re all dolled up,” Coleman said.

Ashley Coleman is accepting essays until Wednesday, March 20. To submit an essay or auction on one of her dresses, click here.

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