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Rick Owens’ spring collection felt like a defiant fashion act, deflecting doom with major shoulders, thigh-high boots and “lurid” colors.⁣

The display was exhilarating, and the free-flowing clothes newsy for Owens, especially the simple yet architectural tunics and the chiffon shrouds in bubblegum pink with trailing ribbons. ⁣

As he did for his terrific men’s collection for spring, Owens revisited some old, but still good ideas: fishnet tank dresses and hoodies that wink back to the masks used for his fall 2012 show.⁣

“Historically, we’ve seen examples where people under threat, their appetites might grow stronger, and their expressions might grow more extreme, because there is nothing to lose,” Owens mused during the video call, moving his black surgical mask to his chin. “In the face of adversity, you need to do your very, very best. That’s when all your powers need to come to the forefront and you need to fight the strongest….So the clothes, when I look at them, they’re kind of full-on.”⁣

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Review: Miles Socha⁣
📸: @aks

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